orchid identification

This small list sorted by scientific names maybe helpful to identify orchids. More species and other plants can be found at my plant identification site.

cambria (beallara eurostar)


colmanara wildcat (is sometimes sold as cambria)

dendrobium “compactum”

dendrobium nobile hybrid

dendrobium phalaenopsis

encyclia cochleata

epidendrum “ballerina”

miltonidium “rosey sunset”

miltoniopsis (stiefmütterchen-orchidee)

odontoglossum “margarethe holm” (is sometimes sold under the name cambria)

oncidium “sweet sugar”

paphiopedilum dellaina

paphiopedilum “pinocchio”

phalaenopsis hybrid

phalaenopsis “little lady”

zygopetalum “luisendorf”