anthurium andraeanum – flamingo flower

the genus anthurium belongs to the araceae family and contains more than 800 members. most of them are native to the rain forests of central to south america. anthurium andraeanum is commonly known as flamingo flower. there are cultivars with a white or pink spadix available.


the flamingo flower does best if located in bright light without direct sun. but it also can be placed from light shaded to shaded.

it can be grown in a good regular potting mix. this has to be kept evenly moist but not wet, sitting in water can cause rotten roots. a slightly drying of the soil’s surface between watering will be tolerated, but it shouldn’t dry completely.

anthurium andraeanum welcomes a high humidity. it can be increased by spraying it over with water every day or placing the pot on a large plant saucer, filled with water. to assure that the pot do not contact the water put it in a smaller plant saucer.

it can be fed with a water soluble fertilizer at half strength. monthly in spring and summer and every six to eight weeks in fall and winter.

the flamingo flower likes it warm throughout the year with a winter minimum of 15 °c/59 °f.


the flamingo flower can be propagated with cuttings or by division.