Calathea crocata – Eternal Flame

Prayer Plant Calathea crocata

the native to brazil calathea crocata is commonly known as eternal flame. its puckered ribbed leaves have maroon undersides, the flowers are orange/yellow. during the night it closes up the leaves.

Calathea crocata Eternal Flame


the eternal flame (calathea crocata) can be placed from bright to light shaded without afternoon sun (to avoid leaf burn). some morning and/or evening sun will be tolerated.

a good regular potting mix can be used. it has to be kept evenly moist but not wet. sitting in water can cause rot. the drying of the soil’s surface between the waterings is ok, but it shouldn’t dry completely.

Calathea crocata

a water soluble fertilizer at half strenght can be given monthly in spring/summer and every six to eight weeks in fall/winter.

spraying calathea crocata over with water regularly increases humidity and keeps its leaves dust free.

it likes room temperature round the year and needs a winter minimum of 15 °c/59 °f.

for blooming some weeks of total darkness for 12-14 hours every day can be helpful.

Calathea crocata flowers


calathea crocata can be propagated by division.

Calathea crocata