callisia repens – bolivian jew, turtle vine

the native to central and south america callisia repens is known under a lot of common names, like bolivian jew, turtle vine, itsy bitsy inch vine or baby’s tears. it’s suitable for a hanging basekt.


callisia repens likes a bright position with some morning and/or evening sun throughout the year. during summer it should be protected from afternoon sun.

it can be grown in a good regular potting mix. keep it constantly moist but not wet, because sitting in water can cause rotten roots. the drying of the soil’s surface between the waterings will be tolerated, but it shouldn’t dry completely.

a water soluble fertilizer at half strength can be given monthly during spring/summer and if placed at room temperature in fall/winter every six to eight weeks.

callisia repens can be grown at room temperature the year round but also can be placed between 15-18 °c/59-64 °f in wintertime. at this temperature it needs to be less watered, a fertilizer must not be given. but even now, the complete drying of the soil must be avoided.

callisia repens


callisia repens can be propagated by seeds or cuttings.