chamaedorea elegans – neanthe bella palm, parlour palm

chamaedorea elegans, better known als neanthe bella palm, parlour palm and sometimes good luck palm is a very popular houseplant because it’s easy to grow. it is native to the latin american rain forests and can get two to three meters tall.


the neanthe bella palm likes a bright to half shady place without sun. the sun will bleach its leaves. it needs room temperature throughout the year and a winter minium of 15 °c (59 °f).

chamaedorea elegans can be plantet in a regular potting mix. keep the soil constantly moist but not wet, “wet legs” over a long time can cause root rot.

if placed at room temperatur water soluble fertilizer can be given monthly (spring, summer) and every six to eight weeks during fall and winter. in half of by the manufacturer indicated concentration.

the neanthe bella palm likes it when it’s sprayed from time to time. this also keeps the leaves free of dust.


chamaedorea elegans can be propagated by seeds.