Codiaeum variegatum “Sunny Star” (croton)

Codiaeum variegatum Sunny Star

Fire croton, garden croton, variegated croton

Light: Bright to partial sunny with morning sun, late evening sun, winter sun
Temperature: Room temperature all year round, at least 59 °F (15 °C) in winter
Soil: Mixes for houseplants or other container plants, palms, herbs, vegetables
Watering: Allow to dry moderately, do not allow to dry out, no waterlogging
Feeding: Liquid fertilizer or slow-release fertilizer from spring to late summer
Growth habit, height: Shrub, 40 to 150 centimetres
Poisonous plant: Yes
Origin: Tropical Pacific, Australia (distribution map)

croton Sunny Star

Croton Sunny Star

Codiaeum variegatum Sunny Star