Crassula ovata – Jade Plant, Money Tree

Jade Plant Crassula

the genus crassula belongs to the crassulaceae family and some of their members are popular houseplants. the jade plant (crassula ovata) is native to south africa. it has a lot of common names, like money or friendship tree. there are some cultivars available with yellow to green variegated leaves.


the jade plant does good on a bright place with morning and/or evening sun. if placed too dark it can produce small leaves sitting on long and thin stems.

it needs a good drained soil with some sand and/or gritty like it can be found in a regular cactus mix.

crassula ovate need to be good watered, what runs out of the pot should be removed after a few minutes. before watering next let the soil dry. wet legs can cause root rot.

during spring/summer a half concentrated cactus fertilizer can be given monthly. if placed at room temperature in fall/winter it can be fed every eight weeks.

if you can give em enough light, it can be cultivated at room temperature throughout the year. during winter the jade plant can be placed at 10-15 °c (50-59 °f). then keep it nearly dry and don’t feed.


propagation can be done with seeds, stem or leaf cuttings.