easter cactus (hatiora) leaf cuttings

the members of the genus hatiora can be propagated with leaf cuttings or seeds.

cut off one or two parts of the sprout with a sharp and clean knife. the cuttings can be planted with or without drying before. if you let them dry, put them on a light shaded place for a week or so.

the cuttings can be planted in a regular cactus mix or a mixture of soil and sand (50:50). keep it moist but not wet and allow to dry between the waterings. put the young easter cacti on a bright but not sunny place at a temperature > 20 °c (68 °c). to increase humidity you can put a freezing bag over the pot. it has to be aired daily.

there is no need to fertilize for the first three months.

after two to four weeks the easter cactus will show new sprouts. now the freezing bag can be removed.