Echeveria derenbergii – Baby Echeveria, Painted Lady

Echeveria derenbergii

the genus echeveria belongs to the crassulaceae family and some of its members are known as “hen and chicks”. echeveria derenbergii is native to mexico. it’s a drought and frost (approx. -4 °c/39 °f) tolerant succulent.

Echeveria derenbergii


the baby echeveria or painted lady likes a sunny to bright location. if placed in the garden or on the balcony, make sure that rainwater can flow out of the pot, because sitting in water can cause rotten roots.

it likes a well drained soil, a standart cactus mix can be used. if you want to mix your own you can use regular potting soil, coarse sand and grit (2:1:1). echeveria derenbergii can be deep waterd, what runs out of the pot should be removed after a few minutes. before adding water next allow to dry.

a half strength cactus or regular water soluble fertilizer can be given monthly in spring and summer. if placed at room temperature in fall and winter every six to eight weeks.

the baby echeveria can be wintered at 5-15 °c/41-49 °f. the colder it’s placed the less watering is needed. a fertilzer must not be given. if placed warmer give as much light as you can.

Echeveria derenbergii


echeveria derenbergii can be propagated with seeds or offsets.