ficus benjamina – weeping fig, benjamin’s fig

the weeping or benjamin’s fig (ficus benjamina) is one of the most popularest house and office plants. there are a lot of culitvars with white or yellow variegated leaves available. the small ones can be used as indoor bonsai. its tolerating some poor growing conditions, but if you like to have a beautiful and healthy plant give it some care.

the weeping fig is native to asia and australia and can get till 30 meters (100 ft) tall in its natural habitat.


ficus benjamina does best in bright light with some morning and/or evening sun. but it also grows on a light shaded place. for building up their colored leaves the variegated cultivars shouldn’t be placed to dark. during summer it can be placed in the garden, but bring it in if the temperature is falling below 15 °c (59 °c) constantly.

a good regular potting mix can be used. keep it constantly moist but not wet and avoid overwatering or drying out. drying at the soil’s surface will be tolerated.

a half diluted water soluble fertilizer can be given monthly or every six to eight weeks during fall/winter. if placed colder at this time, there is no need to feed.

ficus benjamina likes to be placed warm throughout the year with a winter minumum of 15 °c (59 °f). to keep its leaves free from dust spray it over with water or give a shower. if becoming too tall it can easily be cutted back.

fresh bought or relocated plants sometimes drop some leaves but are producing new, if they have adapted to their new surroundings.

f. benjamina “variegata”


the benjamin’s fig can be propagated by seeds or cuttings.