frithia – baby toes, window plant

the genus frithia belongs to the aizoaceae family and contains two species. both, frithia humilis and frithia pulchra are native to south africa. the beautiful succulents can be recognized trough its blooms and are sometimes called baby toes or window plant.

growing frithia

frithia does best on a sunny place throughout the year. they are opening their blooms in the afternoon sun.

they need a well drained and gritty soil with only a small part of organic material. don’t put them in to a regular potting mix. i’m using a mix of pumice and a little bit of loam free garden soil.

in their natural habitat they have some summer rain and so they are not shy of water. they need to be good watered when they’re blooming, what runs out of the pot’s hole should be removed after a few minutes. between the waterings allow to dry. during winter they should kept nearly dry.

a half concentrated cactus fertilizer can be given monthly during blooming time.

frithia can be cultivated at room temperature the whole year through, with a winter minimum of 14 °c (57 °f).

1-3: f. humilis, 4-6: f. pulchra


frithia can be propagated by seeds.

frithia humilis

frithia pulchra