musa acuminata x zebrina – banana

musa acuminata x zebrina is a dwarf cultivar, based on the bananito (m. acuminata, australia) and the blood banana (m. zebrina, indonesia). the leaves are green with red spotches on the topside.


this banana is doing best on a sunny location the year round. a light shaded place will be tolerated, but then it’s growing slower and producing smaller leaves. during summer it can be placed outside untill the temperature is falling below 10 °c/50 °f constantly.

it can be planted in a good regular potting mix. keep it evenly moist but not wet, sitting in water can cause root rott. the drying of the soils surface is ok but it shouldn’t dry in complete.

during summer a half diluted water soluble fertilizer can be given every two to four and if placed at room temperature in fall and winter every four to six weeks.

the banana can be grown at room temperature the year round, but can also be located at +/-10 °c/50 °f during winter. if placed at this temperature range, it needs less watering and must not be fed.

musa likes to be sprayed over with water from time to time. this keeps its leaves free from dust.

musa acuminata x  zebrina banana


pragation can be done by division or with seeds.