neoregelia carolinae – blushing bromeliad

the blushing bromeliad (neoregelia carolinae) is native to brazil where it grows epiphytic (sitting on trees). there are a lot of cultivars available with white striped, red or orange leaves. its nestled deep in the crown sitting blossom is not very showy.


the blushing bromeliad (neoregelia carolinae) does good on a bright location with partial sun (morning/evening). light shade will be tolerated. if placed too dark, the variegated cultivars can loose its colors.

it needs a fast draining soil. there are special mixes for epiphytic plants available. but you can also use a mix between some humus, orchid bark and a bit gritty. keep it moist but avoid overwatering. let the soil’s surface dry before watering again.

a half diluted water soluble fertilizer can be given every four to six weeks.

the blushing bromeliad likes to have some water in its crown. spraying it over with water increases humidity. it can be placed at room temperatur throughout the year with a winter minimum of 14 °c/57 °f.

neoregelia blushing bromeliad


neoregelia carolinae can be propagated with offsets.