pachyphytum bracteosum

what makes pachyphytum bracteosum such an attractive houseplant are its green grey leaves and the purpelish flowers shown in spring.


pachyphytum bracteosum does best if located bright and sunny the year round. a light shaded place will be tolerated. during summer it can be given outside. but please make sure that rainwater can run out of the pot because wet legs will cause root rott.

a standard cactus soil or a mix between humus, sand and gritty (2:1:1) can be used. from spring to fall this succulent can be deep watered. whats running out of the pot’s hole should be removed after a few minutes. before adding water next allow to dry.

a cactus fertilizer at half strength can be given from spring to fall. fresh bought or recently repotted plants don’t need to be fed for the first six to eight weeks.

for showing its inflorescence in spring, a cold winter location may be helpful. pachyphytum bracteosum can be placed at 5-10 °c (41-50 °f). at this temperature range it has to be kept nearly dry, a fertilizer must not be given. if placed at room temperature during winter, give it as much light as you can.

the leaves of pachyphytum bracteosum are breaking off very easily. so be careful when re-potting.


propagation can be done with seeds or leaf cuttings.