peperomia meridana

peperomia meridana is available with green and yellow variegated leaves. a common name for this native to venezuela plant i havn’t found.


peperomia meridana does best if located bright but protected from afternoon sun. some morning and/or evening sun such as a light shaded place will be tolerated. for showing its colorful fooliage the variegated cultivars need to be placed in bright light. otherwise the leaves will become green.

a good regular potting mix can be used. keep it evenly moist but not wet. sitting in water can cause rotten roots. the drying of the soil’s surface between the waterings will be tolerated but it shouldn’t dry completely.

a half diluted water soluble fertilizer can be given monthly in spring/summer and if placed at room temperature in fall/winter every six to eight weeks.

peperomia meridana likes room temperature the year round, with a winter minimum of approx. 15 °c/59 °f. at this temperature range, watering can be reduced and there is no need to feed.

spraying it over with water from time to time increases humidity and keeps its leaves free from dust.


peperomia meridana can be propagated with cuttings.