Sedum burrito – Burro’s Tail


the burro’s tail (sedum burrito) is an easy to care houseplant, native to mexico. it’s suitable for a hanging basekt.


the burro’s tail likes a bright and sunny place. during summer it can be placed outside, but give it back when the temperature is falling below 10 °c/50 °f constantly. make sure that rainwater can easily flow out of the pot.

the soil should be well drained, a regular cactus mix or a mix between humus, sand and gritty (2:1:1) can be used.

during spring/summer sedum burrito needs to be good waterd, what runs out of the pot’s hole should be removed after a few minutes. overwatering can cause rotten roots. before adding water next allow to dry.

in spring and summer a half strength standard or cactus fertilizer can be given monthly.

for blooming in spring, sedum burrito should be placed at 10-15 °c/50-59°f during winter. now it has to be kept nearly dry, without fertilizing. if placed warmer give it as much light as you can.


the burro’s tail can be propagated by seeds, stem or leaf cuttings.