sow bread (cyclamen) seeds

with a little luck your sow bread (cyclamen) will build seed caps. these you can use for propagation. just let them dry. by the fact that most sow breads available are hybrids the results of the so propagated plants can be different from their parents.

you can use a regular potting substrate. i mixed it with a bit of sand (3:1). cover the seeds approx. a half centimeter with ground and then place them dark. keep the soil constantly moist but not wet. there is no need to increase humidity. the temperature should not be higher than 20 °c (68 °f). the germination time lies between three to six weeks.

when the sow bread seedlings are showing their first leaves place them on a bright place with no direct sunlight between 15 and 20 °c (59-68 °f). do not fertilize for the first three months.