stromanthe sanguinea – stromanthe

the genus stromanthe belongs to the marantaceae family and contains about 13 members which are originally located in south and middle america. from stromanthe sanguinea are some cultivars available, very popular is “triostar”.

like the other members of the marantaceae family, stromanthe sanguinea is folding up the leaves in the night. if they are staying during the day this can indicate that it’s placed too to sunny or needs some watering.


stromanthe sanguinea can be placed from bright to half shady without direct sunlight. some morning and/or evening sun will be tolerated. if the colored cultivars are placed to dark they probably will show more greenish leaves.

a good regular potting mix can be used. keep it constantly moist but avoid overwatering such as drying out. wet legs can cause root rot.

a half diluted water soluble fertilizer can be given monthly in spring/summer and every six to eight weeks during fall/winter. there is no need to feed for the first six to eight weeks if you have recently re-potted.

the stromanthe likes it warm and should not be placed under 15 °c (59 °f) for a longer time. spraying it over with water can increase humidity and keeps its leaves free from dust.

stromanthe sanguinea
stromanthe sanguinea “horticolor”


propagation can be done by division, for example when the stromanthe needs to be re-potted.