tiger jaws (faucaria tigrina) seeds

the genus faucaria belongs to the aizoaceae family and some of them are popular houseplants. the tiger jaws (faucaria tigrina) is native to south africa and can be propagated by cuttings, division or seeds.

propagation of the tiger jaws by seeds

for seeding (and cultivation) tiger jaws you need a special soil, like crushed rocks. i use pure pumice (Ø 3-5 mm). at first water the soil and then put the small seeds just on it. to keep the soil constantly moist place the pot in a flat filled with water. for germination the seeds need a high humidity. therfore you can put a glas over the pot. this need to be aired daily.

put the pot on a bright but not sunny place with a temperature not higher than 20 °c (68 °f). the germination time is between five and ten days. the glas can be removed when the seedlings are showing their first leaves (second image). there is no need to apply fertilizer.