asplenium nidus – bird’s nest fern

the genus asplenium contains about 700 species and some of them are called bird’s nest fern. the most famous species asplenium nidus is a very popular houseplant. it can produce leaves up to 1 m in length.


the bird’s nest fern can be placed from bright to full shade, without direct sunlight. but it’s doing best in bright to light shade.

asplenium nidus can be planted in a good regular potting soil or a mix between humus, gritty and some sand (3:1:1).

keep the soil evenly moist but not wet, sitting in water can cause root rot. also avoid a complete dry out.

a half concentrated water soluble fertilizer can be given monthly.

the bird’s nest fern likes it warm throughout the year with a winter minimum of 15 °c (59 °f). it loves to be sprayed over with water regularly. to keep its leaves free from dust, a weekly shower can be given.

asplenium nidus nest fern