pellaea rotundifolia – button fern

the button fern (pellaea rotundifolia) is native to the temperate forests of new zealand. it’s also known under the common name roundleaf fern.


pellaea rotundifolia likes a bright place with a bit morning and/or eving sun but is also doing good if located light shaded.

a regular potting mix can be used. this has to be kept evenly moist but not wet. avoid overwatering such as completely drying out.

a water soluble fertilizer diluted by half can be given monthly during spring/summer and every six to eight weeks in fall/winter. if placed colder at this time there is no need to feed.

the button fern shouldn’t be placed to warm (+/-24 °c/75 °f) during summer but can be wintered at 10-15 °c (50-59 °f). it likes to be sprayed over with water regularly.

pellaea rotundifolia button fern


the button fern can be propagated by dividing its rhizom.