Crassula falcata – Propeller Plant

Crassula falcata

the propeller plant (crassula falcata) is an easy to care for succulent, native to south africa. it’s flowering from orange to red.


crassula falcata likes a sunny place but also does good on a bright or light shaded location. during summer it can be placed in the garden but make sure that rainwater can easily run out of the pot’s hole. if the temperature is falling under 10 °c (50 °f) constantly give it back into the house.

it can be planted in a mix between humus and sand (2:1) or in standart cactus soil. it needs to be good watered, what runs out of the pot’s hole should be removed after a few minutes. allow to dry before adding water next. overwatering can cause rotten roots.

it can be fed with a half diluted cactus fertilizer monthly in spring/summer.

for flowering in spring the propeller plant should be placed at 10-15 °c (50-59 °f). it now has to be kept nearly dry, a fertilizer must not be given.

crassula falcata propeller plant


the propeller plant (crassula falcata) can be propagated by seeds, stem or leaf cuttings.

crassula cv. “morgan’s beauty”

Crassula Morgans Beauty

crassula “morgan’s beauty is a hybrid between c. falcata and c. mesembryanthemopsis.