Crassula “Morgan’s Beauty”

Crassula "Baby Necklace

crassula “morgan’s beauty” is a crossing between c. perfoliata var. minor and c. mesembryanthemopsis, both native to the southern africa.


crassula “morgan’s beauty” does best in bright light with some morning- and/or evening sun. a half shaded place will be tolerated. afternoon sun and high heat in summer can cause leaf drop.

it likes a very porous soil, a standard cactus mix or a mix between regular potting soil, coarse sand and grit (2:1:1) can be used.

drench the soil well, water running out of the pot’s hole must be removed after a few minutes. wet legs can cause rotten roots. before adding water next allow to dry.

in spring and summer a cactus fertilizer at half strength can be given monthly and every six to eight weeks in fall/winter (if placed at room temperature).

crassula “morgan’s beauty” can be grown at room temperature throughout the year with a winter minimum of 15 °c/59 °f. at this temperature range it needs less watering and no feeding.


crassula “morgan’s beauty” can easily be propagated with cuttings.