Gasterhaworthia “Fandango”


plants belonging to the genus gasterhaworthia (or gasterworthia, gasworthia) are crossings between gasteria and haworthia. gasterhaworthia “fandango” is based on g. bicolor var. liliputana and haworthia granulata. sounds complicated but they are easy to grow.


gasterhaworthia “fandango” is doing best if located bright with partial sun (morning and/or evening). a light shaded place will be tolerated. during summer it can given outside, but then make sure that rainwater can flow out of the pot. give it back if temperature is falling below 10 °c/50 °f constantly because it’s not frost tolerant.

it can be grown in a regular cactus mix, or a mix of regular potting soil, coarse sand and pumice (2:1:1). in spring and summer it can be deep waterd, what’s running out of the pot should be removed after a few minutes. wet legs can cause root rott. before adding water next allow to dry.

a half diluted cactus fertilizer can be given monthly in spring/summer and every six to eight weeks in fall/winter.

gasterhaworthia “fandango” can be grown at room temperature the year round or wintered at 10-15 °c/50-59 °f. now it needs to be less watered and must not be fed.


propagation can be done with leaf cuttings or offsets.