Gasteria maculata

Gasteria maculata

the leaves of the south african native gasteria maculata are dark green and white mottled. there are some cultivars with white to yellow stripes available.


gasteria maculata can be located from bright to light shaded but does best in bright and indirect light with some morning and/or evening sun. during the summer you can place it at a rain protected place in the garden or on the balcony.

it needs a well drained soil with some coarse sand and grit. a standard cactus potting mix can be used. it can be deep watered, what’s running out of the pot’s hole should be removed after a few minutes. wet legs can cause rot. before watering next allow to dry.

a cactus fertilizer can be given in 1/4 to a 1/2 concentration. during spring and summer monthly and if placed at room temperature during the winter every six to eight weeks. recently bought or re-potted plants don’t need fertilizer for the first eight weeks.

gasteria maculata can be placed at 10-15 ° C (50-59 °f) in winter. then the soil must kept nearly dry without fertilizing.


the propagation of gasteria maculata can be done with seeds, division or with leaf cuttings.