epipremnum aureum – pothos

the pothos (epipremnum aureum) is a nearly undestroyable indoor plant which tolerates some care mistakes. it’s also known as devil’s ivy or money plant. there are a lot of cultivars available with more yellowish or white variegated leaves. it’s native to southeastern asia.


the pothos does best in bright light with some morning and/or evening sun. but it can also placed half shady to shady. if standing too dark it will grow slower and the variegated ones will loose their color and produce mor green leaves.

epipremnum aureum can be grown in a regular potting mix. keep it moist but not wet. overwatering and drying out will be tolerated for some times.

a water soluble fertilizer can be given monthly and if placed a bit colder during winter every six to eight weeks.

there ist no need to increase humidity but if the pothos is sprayed over from time to time this keeps it’s leaves free from dust.

it can be placed at room temperatur througout the year with a winter minimum of 14 °c (52 °f). for a few days 10 °c or lower (50 °f) will be tolerated.

pothos epipremnum aureum


pothos (epipremnum aureum) can easily propagated with cuttings.