spathiphyllum wallisii – peace lily, white sails

the peace lily (spathiphyllum wallisii), sometimes called white sails, is a easy to grow and nearly “unkaputtbar” (undestroyable) indoor houseplant like we say here in germany. there are cultivars available with variegated leaves.


in it’s natural habitat the peace lily is growing under trees. so it’s liked to be placed bright to shady, without direct sunlight. sun can bleach the leaves and turn them brown.

spraying with water from time to time makes the peace lily happy and keeps the leaves free of dust. after the flowers have died out, they can be taken away. the peace lily starts blooming again in approx. four to twelfe months.

the soil, a standart potting mix can be used, should kept constantly moist but neither wet nor dry.

at room temperatur a water soluble fertilizer can be given monthly during spring and summer, and every six to eight weeks in fall and winter. in half of by the manufacturer indicated concentration.

the peace lily likes room temperatur througout the year but is tolerating a short time of approx. 10 °c (50 °f) in winter time.

white sails spathiphyllum wallisii


spathiphyllum wallisii can be propagated by division. new crowns, formed at the plants side can be cutted and re-potted.