scindapsus pictus – satin pothos, silk pothos

the genus scindapsus contains approx. 20 members, native to southeast asia. the climbing plants are suitable for growing in a hanging basket or training up a wall. from scindapsus pictus, known as satin pothos or silk pothos are different cultivars available.


the satin pothos does best on a bright to light shaded place without direct sunlight. some morning and/or evening sun will be tolerated. if placed to dark the leaves can loose their variegation.

scindapsus pictus can be planted in a good regular mix. keep it moist but not wet and avoid overwatering such as drying out. drying at the surface will be tolerated.

a half diluted water soluble fertilizer can be given monthly in spring/summer and every six to eight weeks during fall/winter. if placed colder at this time it needs less watering (but not drying out) and a fertilizer must not be given. there is also no need to feed for the first six to eight weeks if you have recently re-potted.

the satin photos likes room temperature throuhgout the year with a winter minimum of 15 °c (59 °f). it loves to be sprayed over with water from time to time.

scindapsus pictus silk pothos


scindapsus pictus can easily be propagated with cuttings.