fittonia verschaffeltii – mosaic plant, nerve plant

fittonias are commonly known as mosaic plant or nerve plant. there is a wide range of cultivars with a colorful fooliage available. fittonia verschaffeltii is native to peru.


fittonia verschaffeltii grows best if located bright and protected from direct sun. but it’s also suitable for light shaded to shaded positions.

it can be planted in a regular potting mix. keep it evenly moist but not wet, sitting in water can cause rot. the drying of the soil’s surface will be tolerated, but it shouldn’t dry completely.

a water soluble fertilizer at half strength can be given monthly from spring to fall and every six to eight weeks at winter time. recently bought or repotted plants don’t need to be fed for the first six to eight weeks.

the mosaic plant can be grown at room temperature the year round and needs a winter minimum of 15 °c/59 °f.

a high humidity is welcome. to promote denser foliage and shape plants the ends of growing stems can be pinched off.

fittonia verschaffeltii


fittonia verschaffeltii can easily be propagated with cuttings.